Diploma Certificate Program in Government and Governance Studies


Program Overview

Learning Efforts Mode of Learning

5-7 hrs /week


Duration Last day to Apply

6 Months

Applications accepted on Rolling basis

Objective of the programme is to offer students the opportunity to become agents of change in fields of public policy and administration. The program has been designed and conceptualized by the stellar advisory council which comprises of eminent personalities active in the field of governance, public leadership and diplomacy. Graduates of the program can move on to careers in Government, International Organizations, Development Sector, Business, Journalism, and more.

The objective of the program is to build a cadre of trained public leaders capable of meeting political and public needs and solving the emerging social problems of the coming era. The Program has been conceptualized to bridge the gap between existing policy institutions and emerging social and policy challenges. India is a country of about 1.3 Billion people and the challenges before the Government to fulfill the socio-economic needs of the population are immense. The Government and its institutions therefore demand a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, drawn from outside the government and within it, to engage with policy ideas through an analysis of institutions and regulatory practices, public policy, social structure, big-data and analytics, politics and law.

SIGL is the pioneer national level institution to create world-class public leaders and to impart one of its kind academic programs designed and conceptualized by the stellar governing and advisory council which comprises of senior diplomats from across the world, bureaucrats, and vice-chancellors. We are confident that the time you invest in completing this course will equip you with the requisite knowledge base and skills required to excel in your career and support your existing academic and work commitments. We have designed all courses in a way that can enable the learners to pursue them in addition to their existing academic/work commitments. Pursuing the course will give you an additional qualification by the time you graduate university or support your career progression if you are a working professional

SIGL is the only institute in India which is offering a Diploma in Government and Governance Studies which can be pursued along with your education/work and does not require your physical presence in the classrooms because we do not believe in the concept of restricting learners within four walls. Learning can be done from anywhere and everywhere which is why our mission is to bring these courses at the doorstep of any individual who wishes to pursue them and make our education truly accessible without any barriers of age, class, caste, gender, region or religion. All our courses are extremely affordable to make them accessible for all and to support the Government of India's vision of 'Sabko Siksha, Acchi Siksha' and to complement the vision, we also offer generous scholarships and financial aid to candidates belonging to the Below Poverty Line (BPL) category.

On completion of the diploma will offer students the opportunity to become agents of change in the area of Good Governance and Integrated Efforts. The program has been designed to up-skill learners by developing their in-depth understanding of Government and Governance Studies. Graduates of the program can move on to careers in Government, International Organizations, Development Sector, Business, Journalism, and more.

Program Structure

Course Details:

The curriculum of the program aims to prepare students for a more complex and interrelated world where Governments across the globe are slated to play an extremely important role. No country or corporation is an isolated entity these days – they are all affected by political, societal and economic trends, national and international policies, governmental and non-governmental actors. The program equips students with a broad knowledge base to prepare them for a future not just in the government or party politics, but also as knowledgeable and able actors in international organizations and even private sector.

The program is aimed at university students and graduates seeking to enter the civil service, politics, judiciary, international organizations as well as private sector. The program would be of great value to students and professionals who have an interest in the areas of public policy, governance and government.

To enable students to better develop their own ideas and opinions, we will put you at the centre of the learning process. From the outset you will be encouraged to become an independent and self-motivated learner. Several online webinars and optional workshops shall be organized which would be led by experts in the field which would give the whole program and learning process a more comprehensive approach.

Course Council:

The course has been conceptualized and designed under the leadership and mentorship of the stellar governing council with active support and cooperation from the Confederation of Indian Universities (CIU).

Program Delivery:

The Program shall be completed over the course of 6 Months and divided into 4 papers. Each Paper is compulsory and submission shall be in form of an assignment. All papers shall have a predefined thematic area and subject specification which allow the students to track their learning progress throughout the duration of the program.

General Candidates

Paper 1 INR 3162
Paper 2 INR 3162
Paper 3 INR 3162
Paper 4 INR 3162
Total INR 12,650/- Only

Below Poverty Line (BPL) Candidates

Paper 1 INR 2530
Paper 2 INR 2530
Paper 3 INR 2530
Paper 4 INR 2530
Total INR 10,120/- Only

Students with one or more of the following qualifications shall be eligible to pursue the Diploma Programs from Shastri Institute of Governance and Leadership (SIGL):

  • Students who have completed their 10+2
  • Undergraduate Students pursuing any UG course from any university/deemed to be university/college/institute
  • Post Graduate Students
  • Working Professionals/Researchers


The program shall prepare student not only for careers in the Government, in Intergovernmental organizations and agencies, in international businesses but also in fields such as journalism, non-governmental organizations, not for profit foundations, political parties, public policy think tanks and academic research. The program combines problem solving, structural analysis, project development and management with a comprehensive theoretical and critical examination of the political, cultural, legal, and socioeconomic practices that make up our increasingly complex governmental structures and system.

Students shall not only develop quantitative and qualitative analytical skills but also receive an exposure to the real world policy making process, and enhance their managerial skills.

The other benefits are:

  • Level of studies is much higher than a regular diploma or certificate program.
  • Programs contain subject based assignments and domain related webinars and optional workshops.
  • The student gets an in-depth knowledge in the particular field to prepare them for entry level employment.
  • The specialized knowledge and skills gained during the program equips students secure internships and various allied employment opportunities.
  • During the course get an optional opportunity to meet and interact with noted practitioners and policy makers in the field.

Academic Research Papers under the Diploma in Governance and Government Studies

Paper I: Indian Government and Politics

Paper II: Public Administration in India

Paper III: Public Policy Planning and Management

Paper IV: Emerging Trends in Governance: Manifesto for India in the 21st Century